Pickle, Achar, Chutney

Call it Pickles, Achar or Chutney, it is one of the crucial groups of food in Nepali cuisine. Pickle is a big group of food which differ with respect to its flavor, usage, textures, and/or ingredients. Pickles are really different than anything western cuisine has to offer.. They may act as relish, sauce, dressing, appetizer or condiments. Pickle is considered an essential part of not only Nepali meal but also any other South Asian meal.

Pickles are one of the traditional recipes so there are thousand of varieties of pickle. Usually an ethnic group or family has its own traditional variety of pickles. Nowadays many variety pickles are available commercially in both inside and outside of Nepal. They are more popular outside of Nepali community settled on west than in Nepal itself.

Usually pickle is marinated and eaten in small amounts to add flavor to meal. It can both be fresh or aged. Pickles can be eaten with everything from rice to burger.

Range of ingredient needed to make Pickles differ widely. One variety of classic pickles can be made with two or three ingredients while another might take twenty. Similarly, effort and time to make pickles also varies. Some can be made within few minutes while some might take hours and even months to age.



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