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Rasbari (Milk Balls)

Rasbari or Rasgula

4 cups whole milk
2 teaspoon vinegar
1.5 cup sugar

1 Boil milk and add vinegar to it. The milk should separate into whey (watery part) and solid.
2 Obtain solid part by shifting through a clean piece of cotton (muslin) cloth. Discard as much water as you can.
3 Make paste into a small balls (about inch or less diameter). Add some water if neccessary.
4 Boil water in separate utensil (atleast 3 inches water) in low medium heat.
5 Add sugar gradually to the boiling water to make a light syrup.
6 Gently drop the balls in the boiling syrup and cook for 30-40 minutes.
7 Remove from the heat and serve cold.
8 Rasburi can be stored in container in refrigerate (don't freeze).
Rasbari is classic example of milk based dessert. This classic treat is famous through out the South Asia. In India, it is commonly known as Rasgula.
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