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Aged Daikon Radish Pickle (Khadae ko Mula ko Achar)
by Jyoti Pathak

Daikon Radish

2 medium fresh red or white daikon radish (yield about 6 cups, peeled, trimmed, cut into pieces like french fries)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil + 2 tablespoon to place on top for the jar Pickling spices
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
Salt to taste

2 tablespoons brown mustard seeds (sun dried and ground)
10 red whole red pepper (dried and ground)
½ teaspoon schewan peppercorn (dry-roasted and ground)

1 Choose medium-size daikon with fresh skins, and firm. Avoid pithy, limp, soft, withered and woody radish. Good pickle can be obtained only when fresh.
2 Wash, and discard radish tops and trim root tips. Peel the outer layer and cut into 1-inches slices and make into two or three lengthwise pieces. Place the cut pieces in a wide tray and sun-dry for half a day. If the sun is not present, the radish can be dried in the open air for a whole day.
3 Place the brown mustard seeds in the sun to dry along with the radishes. Grind mustard, schewan pepper, red pepper.
4 Place the radish pieces in a mixing bowl and combine all of the above ingredients and oil. Knead with hand thoroughly by rubbin the spices to the radish. Let is stand for 1/2 hour before place in a jar. Some water may be released after it gets marinated.
5 Select a large glass jar to hold the radish pieces. Add the marinated radish pieces one by one into the jar, pushing between layers firmly. Press and remove any air bubbles in between. Try to make as compact as possible. When it is packed thoroughly, add 2 tablespoon oil on the top and cover with a lid. Let is stand in a warm place or in the sun for 1 to 2 weeks until it is fermented. A desirable flavor is developed during curing process. If more stronger and sour pickle is wanted, increase the standing time. The pickle is ready when the radish is still crunchy-tender and firm with slightly sour taste. Once ready store in a cool, dark place. If stored in the refrigerator the excessive souring process is diminished. Always use dry spoon to remove pickles from the jar.
Daikon radish pickles are the most widely used pickles in Nepal. The spicy, sharp tasting fermented pickle boost the apetite and thought to be especially aid the digestion of the food. Spices in this recipes can be increased or decreased to please ones tastes. It can be served with rice, any meat preparations, vegetables or snacks.
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