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Special Chicken Curry
by Chef No. 1


1 kg or 2 lb of skinless chicken
1 medium sized onions
1 table spoon of garlic and ginger

pinch of turmeric powder
pinch of mild curry powder
Pinch of dried chili powder
Salt to taste

1 First of all fry the onion and when it is golden brown add the garlic and ginger paste and the spices. 
2 Then add the tomatoes and simmer it until the tomatoes are turned into a paste.
3 Add the chicken and put the lid on and cook it on low heat.
4 Check it every 5 minutes and when the it is dry garnish it with corianders. serve it hot with rice or naan bread.

Nepal is predominantly a Hindu country. Many ethnic Hindu group do not eat any meat except chicken meat.

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