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Soft Chicken Meat (Naram Kukhura ko Masu)
by Narahari Adhikari
the Executive Chef at Kathmandu's Hotel Shangri-la


1200 grams Skinned Chicken   (cut into 12 pieces)
50 grams     Garlic Paste
70 grams     Red Onion Paste
15 grams     Dry Chili Paste (Deseeded)
25 grams     Fresh Turmeric Paste
25 grams     Ground Cumin Seed
25 grams     Ground Coriander Seed
15 grams     Ground Sichuan Pepper
35 grams     Ginger Paste
60 ml           Tamarind Extract
15 grams     Chopped Lemon Grass
2 tea cups   Thick Coconut Extract
100 grams   Coarsely Chopped Tomatoes
5 nos.          White Cardamom
5 nos.          Black Cardamom
2 nos.          Lemon rind
1 tbl spoon   Concentrated Lime
3 nos.          Bay Leaves
20grams      Brown Jaggery
5 nos.         Curry Leaves
100 ml        Crude Mustard Oil
60 grams    Chopped Coriander
60 grams    Browned onion 
4 nos.         Split green chilies

1 Heat oil in a thick bottomed pot until oil begins to smoke.
2 Gradually incorporate the followings-garlic paste, ginger paste, onion paste, turmeric paste, chili paste, chopped tomatoes and cook over a low heat, stirring constantly until (spices) "masala" begins to smell.
3 Add bruised cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, curry leaves, meat masala powder, lemon grass, lemon rind, cumin seed powder, coriander powder, ground sichuan pepper and further cook until the "masala" begins to smell sweeter.
4 Pour in coconut milk, tamarind extract and stir well with a wooden spatula until gravy becomes smooth, with a thin film of gloss appearing on top.
5 Incorporate concentrated lime (amilo), and allow sauce to bubble over a low heat.
6 Add chicken pieces, salt and cook over a low heat, covered with a lid for another 30 minutes.
7 When the meat is done, empty it into a serving dish and garnish with splinters of fried onion, green chopped coriander and split chilies.
  • Do not let the meat to be over done or you would not enjoy eating it with dal bhat (rice and lentils).
  • The gravy could further be thinned by adding chicken stock.
  • You may add more chili paste if you care your gravy to be spicy.
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