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Nimki (Deep Fired Spicy Flour Crackers)

Nimki (Deep Fired Spicy Flour Crackers)

1.2 lb all flour wheat (all purpose recommended )
 1/2 teaspoon cumin
 2 oil cups or more for deep frying
 Salt to taste

1 Roast the cumin in low oven heat for some time. (If it is seed form, grind it)
2 Mix cumin and salt with flour.Knead the flour mixture with 2-3 teaspoons of oil and water (as needed) to a dough.
3 Roll the mixture dough flat. Fold it. Roll it flat again. Repeat the process one more time.
4 Cut dough in diamond shape (2 triangles on top of each other). Make them around 1-inch in size or whatever you feel like.
5 Heat the oil in skillet or Chinese wok on medium heat.
6 Fry the diamond shaped Nimki until they become of a brownish.
7 Serve it hot or store in air tight container for days.
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