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Lentil Patties (Wo)

Lentil Patties (Wo)

1 cup black lentil
 1 table spoon ginger paste or ginger juice
 1/4 tea spoon asafetida (Hing)
 1/2 tea spoon Cumin Powder (Jeera)
 3 table spoon oil
 Salt to taste

1 Soak black lentil in water overnight or until the black coating is easily removed.
2 Remove black coating by rinsing with water
3 Grind lentil into a paste with minimum water
4 Add all the spices to the lentil and mix well
5 Heat few drop of oil in the pan
6 Put the lentil paste on the pan in small patty shape (just like pancake)
7 Cook golden brown on both sides and serve hot
Lentil patties, usually black lentils, (Wo or Woh) are Newari delicacy. They are served on special occasions and relgious fucntions. They are also popular as street food or appetizers. Other way of making lentil snack is to deep fry them instead of pan frying. The deep frying method results in Bada (Bara) similar to Indian Vada or Wada.
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