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Sel Roti (Crispy Rice Doughnuts)


2 cups long grain rice
1 ripe banana
1½ cup sugar
2 tablespoon butter
pinch of baking powder
oil for deep frying


Wash rice well. Soak it overnight

2 Drain excess water.
3 Grind everything into semi coarse-smooth paste. (Add water if necessary)
4 Heat enough oil for deep-frying.
5 Carefully using funnel, pour batter into oil into a doughnuts shape.
6 Fry both side by turning. Fry until both side are crispy and golden brown.
7 Drain excess oil.
8 Serve hot or cold.
Sel Roti or Sel closely resembles Doughnuts. Instead of regular flour, Sel is made from rice. Sel is a very unique Nepali treat for everyone with sweet tooth.
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