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Himalayan Gurkha Restaurant
Ethnic Nepali
Kent, United Kingdom
ADDRESS 31 Church Rd, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN11JT
PHONE 01892 527834

An ethnic Nepali restaurant in Kent, United Kingdom run by a major in British Gurkha.

For an ex SPW living in Tunbridge Wells, it came as a pleasant surprise when this Restaurant opened last year (2002). The proprietor is Mr D Ghale, a major from the Gurkhas. They serve a wide menu, incorporating all the usual things you would expect on a Nepali menu, plus plenty of things I had never heard of, despite spending 6 months there! They take a particular pride in their use of fresh ingredients, particularly herbs, and it shows in the finished product - this is a cut above your regular curry house. It's well worth the fairly high prices, I'm certainly a big fan, and I would especially recommend the Saheeb's Bhat (all in meal) for a very full stomach.

Wide ranging: plenty of choice for starters, Momos, Samosas, etc. Tandoor based food, fish, meat and vegetarian sides;
also some puddings, including Khir if you request in advance.

Mid-price; not dirt cheap, but actually very good value for what you get

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